Question 296:

How does the Catholic faith envisage the life of married couples in heaven?



A first answer can be found in the words of Jesus himself. Matthew 22:23-33 (Mark 12:18-27 [esp. verse 25]; Luke 20:27-40 (esp. verse 34]): “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage...).  Please read the whole section in the gospels. Jesus denies the idea that married relationships continue after the Resurrection.  Jesus clearly says: “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” (Matthew 22:30).

1. Regarding the question of how we should imagine Heaven, please see the explanations in the topic “Death – Judgement– Eternal Life”. 11. The Christian View. There it is written: The prophets of Israel and St. John, the Christian doomsday prophet, speak in metaphors to explain what the new life will be like. They speak of heaven not as if it were some place somewhere above the clouds. Heaven is where God is and where people live with him as his peoples. The old earth, full of guilt and defaced by people, has gone. A new earth will be the humanity’s home, an earth that shall be as God wanted it to be, illuminated by the risen Christ. A world in which people, his people, live with him and delight in the vision of God: He himself is their light and their life. Therefore the sun and the moon will no longer be needed. In the New Jerusalem there are no houses made of stone and no temples in which to meet God. God is present, he dwells among the people. There will be a new fruitful earth for which the bible contains numerous images:  Springs burst forth from the deserts; trees grow and bear fruit twelve times a year. A world in which no creature threatens another: Wolves lie with lambs; they can live without threatening each other. A baby puts his hands into a snake’s den and is not bitten (cf. Isaiah 11:6-8). People discover that it means to be human in its fullest form and integrity. There will be no more illness, no death, no loneliness, no sadness, no tears, no hatred, no enmity, no oppression.”  

2. From this understanding of “life in Heaven” flows the Roman Catholic belief that those who are saved will participate in the life of love gifted by God in Christ in such a way that it eliminates the limits of marital relationships and assumes them into the unimaginable fullness of life in Heaven.

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