Question 102:

Why are the Israelites, that is the Jews, cursed by Allah? Does this curse also apply to today’s Jews?


Answer: Please read the answer to Question 15 which is based on the text from the solemn declaration of Nostra Aetate (no. 4) from the Second Vatican Council. The Catholic Adult Catechism (1985), published by the German Bishops Conference, says in this regard:

Jesus’s faith binds Jew and Christian; the faith in Jesus divides them. In contrast to Judaism, Christians believe that Jesus, our brother, is also the son of God, who has fulfilled his promise to Israel through Jesus’s cross and resurrection. The cross, which Jesus was handed over to by the Jewish leaders of the time, is a sign of salvation for Christians. It is to be proclaimed as such as a sign of universal peace (see Nostra Aetate 4). Therefore, according to the words of the apostle Paul, it is wrong to characterise the Jews as rejected and cursed (see Rom 11:1-2). God still loves his people for the sake of their fathers for the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable (Rom 11:29). For that reason, all hatred of the Jews and particularly all persecution of the Jews, which has occurred so often and to such a horrific extent in the history of Christianity, is to be condemned, and talks with Judaism that have been resumed in our day are to continue and to deepen (p. 63).


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