Question 19:

You also explain that God is unreachable for people, or transcendent. If Jesus is God, then how would God remain unreachable for people, or remain transcendent? But how, in your opinion, can Jesus as well as the Holy Spirit be God since you speak of one God and not three? Had God cloned himself?


Answer: Gods transcendence, his superior and transcending greatness does not exclude, according to Christian belief, that God himself freely decided not only to be the creator and sustainer of the world as well as the God that sends commandments, prophets and holy scripts but, furthermore, in freedom and in love to make himself present with us humans in the person of Jesus Christ, to be our brother and to give us the power by the Holy Spirit to live as his cherished children. We Christians have recognised through Jesus's message, as it is preserved in the New Testament, that God has acted in this way in his immeasurable generosity. We gratefully accept the actions of a sovereign God and respond in faith and in a life according to the faith.


Read also the answers to the Questions 1, 2 and 3+4, and Chap. 2, III; Chap. 5, III, 7 and IV in the book.


In our answer to question 1, we have shown how Christian belief understands the unity of God. The unity of the three-in-one God is the unity of God who has revealed himself to us as love. Put another way: he has revealed to us, especially in Jesus Christ, what supreme love means. However, love also means precisely relationship and community. Please read once more our answer to Question 1.

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