Question 24:

Can you point out a baptism in the Gospel that was made in the name of the Trinity? All baptisms were made in the name of Jesus the Messiah (Christ).


Answer: Baptism cleanses, makes sacred and makes right before God. It makes the one who receives God through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit pleasing to God and right before God, so to say (in theological terminology, justified before God). The one baptised has thereby become a member of Christ and temple of the Holy Spirit (see 1 Cor 6:12-20, particularly verses 15 and 19). The one baptised has become an adopted child of the father (Gal 4:5-7), a brother and co-heir with Christ in inner unity with him (Rom 8:2, 9, 17; Gal 3:28). Baptism in the name of Jesus (Acts 10:48: 19:5) signifies baptism insofar as it means to be a member of, or better still belong to Christ, and also to differentiate from the baptism of John (the Baptiser). To speak of this method of baptism does not mean that the precise wording of an earlier baptism would be repeated here in which solely Christ would be named. On the contrary, the apostolic tradition believed that the triune words (that is, the words, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit), used in the baptism liturgy from the beginning correspond exactly to Jesus Christ's ceremonial commandment, as given in Mt 28:19.

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