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I have tried to convince a Muslim acquaintance of the veracity of the Bible as the inspired word of God. However, she keeps coming back to the point that if you just accept that Muhammad is God's real prophet, and the Qur'an is true, the "real" path to salvation is clear. How do I convince her that it is Christianity that possesses the truth, and not Islam? 



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I think today many religiously reflecting and educated people ask themselves the question: Islam or Christianity.  The alternatives here are: the path of the Prophet Muhammad or the path of Jesus of Nazareth. 


Certainly there is substantial common ground between the Islamic and the Christian faith: the belief that the universe and thus also our world and its inhabitants are created By God, the Creator and did not come into being by mere chance; the belief that we are responsible to God as our ultimate Judge; the belief that we are called to practice justice and consider all human beings as equal: brothers and sisters in a world given in trust to us humans by the Creator and Guide.


However, there exist also significant differences between the two visions of faith and practice. Muslims say that the Quran is word for word divine in nature and uncreated, and, that in the Quran, as the uncreated Word of God, we have the most perfect expression of the will of God. Furthermore, that if we implement the teaching of the Quran we reach happiness in this world and salvation in the next. The Christian faith does not put a book like the Quran at the centre, but the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, who lived among us, suffered, died and rose from the dead, we have the Messiah=The Christ=The Anointed One whom the prophets of Israel had foretold. We believe that God in his goodness ultimately went beyond guiding us though his worked and exhorting us through the prophets. He came among us in Jesus, the Messiah, and he sent us his Holy Spirit in order to transform and create us anew as brothers and sisters of Jesus, thus freeing us from our propensity to forget God and to go our own sinful ways. 


The choice is between the Quranic message (and the prophet Muhammad, i.e. the person of whom Muslims say that he most perfectly put this message into practice) on the one side and on the other the person and message of Jesus Christ. This is a personal choice each educated person has to make in honesty before God and his own conscience.

What makes Christians to opt of Jesus as being more than a prophet, are above all: his absolute holiness (sinlessness and total goodness); his absolute perfection as a human being, a perfection that points to him as being more than a mere human being; and, above all: his total self-giving in non-violent service, up to the shedding of his blood in love for us all, including his enemies.


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